!!!Breaking News!!!

We have decided to scale back ModelCon 2021.  While we are still moving forward with plans for ModelCon in January, the reality is that the COVID pandemic has forced us to evaluate what our resources are going to be able to do.  So, for a variety of reasons, we have decided it would be best if we revisited the Display and Vending type show we held this last January.  However, unlike that show, we are going to completely forego the "contest".  We will also be very likely to require masks inside the show hall.

We will still open the show on Friday afternoon and run through Saturday afternoon.  And we still hope to see all our friends, both new and old.  And we really hope ya'll will bring the full year's worth of model bench production (personally, this year's production at the bench has been at levels not seen in the last decade) for everyone to see and admire.  We've also had great interest from vendors, so we anticipate a bunch of stuff for everyone to spend that Christmas money on!

There is of course still a possibility that the increasing COVID numbers both locally and nationally will result in restrictions that will force us to cancel the show.  If that happens, we will absolutely refund any vendor table monies collected (unless a vendor wishes to carry that over to 2022) and we'll start planning for what should be a spectacular return to form in 2022.

Here's some details:


Friday January 29th and Saturday January 30th (hours, Fri 2pm-6pm...ish; Sat 9am-4pm...ish)


Chattanooga Convention Center, Exhibit hall D


$12 for both days ($2 discount for IPMS/AMPS members), unlimited number of models (anyone bringing a LOT of models or very large models is encouraged to let us know in advance at mmoore1132@gmail.com)

Juniors (under 16yo) are FREE!

Vendor tables

$25 each (8' tables).  For table reservations, contact Jeff Mattheiss at jeffmattheissfamily@gmail.com.  And for a little good news for the vendors, we've moved the show from the ball rooms we have been in for the last 8 years into exhibit hall D.  Why is that good news?  Remember the walk ALL THE WAY DOWN that back hall to get from the loading dock to the ball rooms?  Well, Exhibit hall D is DIRECTLY ACROSS from the loading dock (it was part of the vendor hall at the Nationals)!  Talk about easy access!


DON'T NEED 'EM THIS YEAR!  Yup, you read that right.  With no "contest" there's really no need for registration forms.  Bring your models, pay your $10 or $12 at the door, and we'll give you some table space to display your models!  

Display format

Again, because there is no contest, and therefore no judging, there's no reason to segregate models by class and category.  So you'll be able to display all your models together.  Folks can see everything you built in one place.  We would highly encourage you to bring a sign of some sort that you can leave with your models to identify who built them, as well as any details about the models you'd like to share!


Check back soon for a link to a group rate at the Marriott.

Friday Night Social

In years past we have hosted a cash bar in the hall on Friday night.  Due to the uncertainty going into this show, we won't be doing that this year.  Which is not to say that some of might not be found at socially acceptable distances at the bar in the Marriott for a couple of hours...

Again, the changes this year are purely a reaction to the ongoing COVID situation.  We very much hope to be able to return to our traditional, Open Judging, format in 2022, and we really do hope to see everyone and lots of models this time around!